Factors To Consider When Starting A Hotel Business

Before you become a hotel manager, you can apply for a lower level position such as a housekeeper, front desk officer or a clerk in back office. This way, you will know how your hotels operations are done from lower level to top management. Go above and beyond guest expectations and provide customized services whenever possible. Put effort into understanding your customers’ needs and maybe make a record of it so that when they visit next time you will be able to provide everything even before they ask. If you are already working at the hotel, talk to your current manager about your promotion. Ask for advice on how to go further in the career ladder.Starting a hotel may not be an easy task considering the amount of finances you will need and the effort you have to put in. The tourism industry is highly volatile especially with the seasons, government regulations or social unrest. If you are ready to take big risks and enjoy the hospitality business, starting your own hotel will be a dream come true. Running a hotel is a complicated process so here are some of the factors to consider when starting your own hotel.


As mentioned before, this is a risky industry and hence you need to have all your facts straight. Know the environment you are working in, who are your competitors, who is your target market, what are they expecting out of the hotel, what sort of employees do you want to  recruit etc. First of all, research on the location for your hotel. It should be situated in an area which is a very popular tourist attraction. Next you can decide on the type of hotel you are building. Is it going to be a classic commercial hotel, a resort or exotic villa or simply a motel that people could rest in? Do you research on the competitors and see what they are doing right so that you can incorporate them into your business. Check where you can get the best people who have done travel and tourism courses Melbourne so that they know how the industry works.

Customer experience

Customer is the most important person in any business and their comfort is what you need to focus on. Your customers are directly handled by your staff and hence having people who possess high interpersonal skills, courtesy and politeness will become a valuable asset in running your hotel. Recruit people who have done travel and tourism diploma courses as such qualifications specifically talk about customer service and how to handle their grievances and complaints. In many instances, no matter how serious the problem is, good negotiation skills and patience can solve any problem.


Building a hotel is a significant investment. Buying all electrical equipment, the most comfortable furniture, building a swimming pool, maintaining them will take a lot of money and if you don’t have it, you won’t be able to provide even the basic services. Many countries that encourage tourism have loan schemes and government grants given to people who plan on starting a hotel. Keep in mind that the incomes are very uncertain and you might not be able to have a profit during the first few years.

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