Tips To Consider Before Spray Painting

Whether it is for your home or for your vehicle, spray painting is a fun and at the same time, it is an activity that must be undertaken with utmost care. Any fault in painting or not following the procedures can land you up with a bad paint job which might not be desirable at all.Do make sure to follow some tips which are listed below if you are doing the spray paint job yourself. Else, you can also look to hire panel beaters who do it with the most sophisticated machines and instruments in no time at lower costs.

  • If you are looking to paint on plastic materials, prefer buying paint that sticks to plastic. Do ask for the same when purchasing the paint. Conventional paints do not form strong bonds with plastic which results in them being worn out after some time.
  • When you are spray painting any surfaces makes sure that you apply a light coat of the paint first and do not go for the hard coat at the steering itself. Let the paint settle for some time after the coat has been applied and then put on the next coat. One more point to remember is that, do not spray – paint in a very random order. Employ a definite pattern such as vertical lines or horizontal lines and stick to the same throughout the paint job.
  • If you are looking for overlapping of the paint, then make sure that the overlapping is just 50%. Else, the painting will result in hard and light jobs which can get messy at the end.
  • When painting, do not move the spray in arcs. It then becomes extremely difficult to fill the arcs with the help of spray paints. Instead, always look to draw straight lines either in the up-down direction or the left-right direction.
  • If you are spraying the paint from a bottle, make sure that you get a handle on which you can hold for better support. Holding the cylinder alone for a long time can result in pain and inaccurate movements of the arms resulting in a bad paint job.
  • The paints which you use to spray may contain strong smelling fuse which may or may not be harmful if you breathe in. It is better to stay safe with the same, thus, wear a mask when spraying. Ensure to buy the mask which is specially made for use while painting.
    Thus, spray painting Perth is a fun task, but at the same time stressing on some basic factors can enable a great job.

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